We use Excel to develop powerful spreadsheet solutions that are easy to use. We automate repetitive tasks, smooth out operations and create the right solution for your company.


For ultimate spreadsheet customisation, VBA coding is the key to success. Our experts write scripts to enable you to manipulate your data in several different manners.


Formulas are the backbone of any Excel document, but the complexity of some sheets require advanced formulae. We can build complex code to allow for more detailed functionality.


The visualisation of data is often the main purpose for some spreadsheets. We can create detailed dashboard that stand out from the crowd using a series of dynamic charts.


We can fix errors in existing spreadsheets and thus help to improve your processes.


The benefits of automating spreadsheets that are consistently in use within your business are numberous. Improve efficiency and save time with an automated version fo the current processes used in your firm.


Some working documents are often passed down from other employees and require optimisation. We can optimised your sheets and processes by creating new and more efficient spreadsheets for your data processing requirements.


Excel is a versatile platform which is already owned and used by most businesses and is familiar to their employees. It has a rich set of native functions and abilities that can be used as a starting point to create suitable software solutions. It allows for rapid development of applications that are easy to amend, customise and integrate with most other software.


We will work with you to identify your requirements, define the ideal solution and determine the best method and technologies to create it.  We follow a iterative process that allows you to test the solution and ask for modifications so that your are completely satisfied with the final product. The possibilities are endless, so contact us for a free quote.


Graphic Scedule is a Tech start up aiming to simplify Project Management for the Civil Engineer Industry.


Nearly all major construction companies use Oracle Primavera P6 to schedule their project work. Some may also use Microsfot Project. One of the biggest problems with this scheduling software is that it is not user friendly and "scares off" most users. Thus, most project teams typically hire a professional scheduler that knows how to use the software and that person sits in the corner producing schedules. They are also usually out of touch with the reality of the work in the field.


The next big problem is that the printouts from P6 and Microdsoft Project are very hard to read and basically useless. The result is that nobody really looks at the schedules and they don't use them to plan the work and manage their projects. This can become very frustrating and also very expensive. The gap in the market for a user friendly, easy to read scheduling tool became apparent to James Wonneberg, a Civil Engineer working on major tunneling projects ithrougout the USA.

The Challenge

Create a scheduling software solution that is:

  • Easy to use

  • Illustrates all types of activities in an elegant intuitive way.

  • Displays all data on 1 page

  • Use Excel as a base to develop the software as most companies already own this.

The Solution

We created a commercial Excel Addin which allows the user to generate graphic schedules based on scheduling data received from programmes like P6 or Microsoft Project. It can also be updated manually. The graphic schedules update automatically when schedules change, is user friendly and intuitive.

In addition, we created an installation package which enabled our client to sell the software commercially.

(available at www.graphicschedule.com)

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