Our team includes consultants with backgrounds ranging across engineering, finance, accounting, MCSDs and physics

Stefan (Founding Partner)

Stefan is a qualified accountant with a background in Actuarial Science and Mathematics. Stefan is the founder of Excel Developers and has been at the head of the company since its inception. He saw a gap in the market to assist companies and teams who do not have the specialist skills that combine business acumen and software development. He creates bespoke business solutions that are powerful, scalable and maintainable.


Margie (Partner)

Margie has a degree in Architecture and comes from a Project Management background. With her keen eye for design and graphic communication, she has managed to bring a breath of fresh air to the presentation side of the company. She applies her Project Management skills to run the day to day operation of the international consultants.


Andrew (Consultant)

Visionary and passionate about technology, Andrew joined the team in January 2013. Andrew’s strong understanding of the relationship between technology and strategic business interests allows him to apply an effective use of technology to increase client profits and productivity, while significantly reducing the cost of doing business.



There is more to Simon than meets the eye. Besides having a charming smile, he holds a degree in Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics, so he is really a very clever chap. After completing his degree Simon worked for several major corporations, starting off in management consultancy before moving into professional services and then investment banking.


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