Database Development to track Work Crews

 We develop databases to help you track your work crews, schedule jobs, track incidents, assign resources and more.
Stay in control of your work crews and manage your operations

We create powerful database solutions that can be intgrate with Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other applications.

Job Control
Work Flow
Time Sheets &
Holiday Tracking
Health & Safety monitoring

Manage work crews and resources by assigning an appropriate number of workers to the jobs during each day of work.

Track customer orders and manage jobs from start to finish.

Intergrate people, data and actions by automating and streamlining your workflow processes.

Track and record the time your employees spend on tasks or simply track the duration of a task. Monitor and track staff holidays and recieve automated reports. 

Incident Tracking

Monitor Health and Safety constrols, inspections and record incidents.

Track all recordable incidents and create automated reports for H&S inspections.

Database Design, Development and Maintenace

Custom made database design and development, tailored to suit your business needs. We create database that are easy to use, will automate your day to day business operations and will grow and adapt with your business.

Tailor-made database design

From new to existing databases. We specialise in the design and development of new databases and maintain existing ones.

Maintenance and redevelopment of existing databases

Updating, redeveloping and maintaining existing databases to ensure maximum efficiency.

Cloud based database solutions

Allow data capture from remote sites. Connect from anywhere to access information and reports.

Why use a Database Expert?

At present there are a multitude of apps available online: some to track time, some to manage jobs, some to manage customer details. Many of these work well and will do what they are designed to do, however they are created to meet the general needs of most clients. There are two main problems with these applications:


  1. They are not developed according to your specific needs - you have to adapt to it, instead of it to you.

  2. When your needs change, you are unable to change the app.

Our database experts specialise in designing database applications that change and grow with your business. We develop database solutions tailor made to suit your exact requirements and circumstances. Getting these right from the start can save time and money.


Incident tracking for underground construction company whose goal is that every worker should go home unhurt each night


Underground Construction Company, Inc. is headquartered in Benicia, California. The company has provided quality gas, power, airport fueling and telecom construction services for over 80 years. Their goal was to promote safety by initiating a reward scheme for those teams who remain incident free for a period of time and meet certain other criteria.

The Challenge

The teams were tracking their incidents in various formats. Data was recorded in text files and excel files and all of these needed to be consolidated in order to determine the rewards payable.

The Solution

Our team created a .net application based on an access database to track incidents and all relevant information and to calculate quaterly rewards due to each supervisor and employee.

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